The Astra Report 30-Apr-2021
Top 3 Company, Macro, and Risk Headlines
Ingenuity helicopter successfully flew on Mars (NASA 15-Apr)
Ningbo to build $3bn China launchpad site (Space News 08-Apr)
Russian space agency uses blockchain to protect IP (Cointelegraph 27-Apr)
The Astra's View
Jeff Bezos has joined Dynetics in complaining about the $2.9bn NASA contract awarded to SpaceX and Elon Musk lost no time in mocking the world’s richest man. The Astra notes that the 2020-21 budget of the World Health Organisation is $5.8bn of which the Covid budget is less than 20%. With a tiny percentage of vaccine manufacturing capability located in Latin America and none in Africa, The Astra wonders if these two gentlemen’s spending could be redirected to constructing facilities to sustain life on Earth rather than developing space transport and facilities that very few people will ever use? The WHO COVAX project is appealing for an additional $2bn to provide 1.8bn doses which is a little over 1% of the value of Bezos or Musk’s net worth and less than the boost to Amazon’s profit attributable to Covid related changes in shopping habit…
Fun Fact: “Galactic Combat,” a new format of mixed martial arts fights will take place in space with zero gravity (PR 28-Apr)

The Astra Report 31-Mar-2021
Top 3 Company, Macro, and Risk Headlines
Apophis data rules out 2068 impact (NASA 25-Mar)
Starship SN10 lands and explodes (NYT 04-Mar)
Virgin Galactic unveils new space plane (Space News 30-Mar)
The Astra's View
Another Starship, the SN11, exploded on landing yesterday. The Astra is inspired by CEO Elon Musk’s positive spin in his tweet: “At least the crater is in the right place!”. Asteroid Apophis is smaller than the ship that blocked the Suez Canal last week. NASA’s conclusion from its flyby on 05-Mar is also inspiring. The next and much closer encounter (closer than some satellites and due to be visible to the naked eye) will be socially distant and thus avoid the 10 million deaths its impact is estimated it might have. 13-Apr-2029 is in the Astra’s calendar.
Fun Fact: Orbital Assembly Corp plans Space hotel for 2027 (Daily Mail 01-Mar)

The Astra Report 28-Feb-2021
Top 3 Company, Macro, and Risk Headlines
Perseverance landed on Mars (NASA 22-Feb)
India launches its first mission of the year (Space News 28-Feb)
South Korea will spend $553m in 2021 on space activities (Space News 28-Feb)
The Astra's View
It is a measure of the human achievement to see the images from Mars. It’s also a price-point to understand what putting an un-manned helicopter costs against the price of delivering (and returning) a human. The Astra is awestruck…
Fun Fact: The Bishop of Orlando might also be the Bishop of the Moon according to the 1917 Code of Canon Law (Diocese of Orlando 18-Jun-2016)